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Eric Roberson

If there is a face to the independent soul music movement, it is probably Eric Roberson. The respect he receives from other artists has been driven by his uncompromising success as well as from the unselfishness he has shown in support of other up-and-coming singers and musicians. That peer love appears to only be exceeded by the near fanatical following he has among a surprisingly large fanbase, making him a sort of indie soul royalty.

A tirelessly touring artist, Roberson plays 8-10 sold out concerts each month and is a guest vocalist on countless albums by other artists. The success of Eric Roberson’s activity outside the mainstream has made him a role model for other independent artists and has resulted in a career that continues to build momentum, completely on Roberson’s own terms

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Apryl Jones

Apryl Jones  is a model, actress and entrepreneur.   Apryl grew up in Chicago and pursued a career in the medical industry after she graduated from college. However, she moved west to follow her passion for entertainment.   Best known for appearing in VH1 reality television show ‘Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’, Apryl has since embarked on several business journeys and has established herself as a very successful entrepreneur, model and actress.

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DJ HD began DJ’ing in the summer of 2010, during his sophomore year in college. After borrowing money from his mother to go to scratch academy in Miami, FL he spent time training under DJ Hurricane, who taught him the basic skills of using DJ equipment. Later, DJ HD began shadowing DJ Bill aka Sexy Bill who showed him the importance of using personality and getting to know people in the DJ business. That fall, he used his student loans to purchase DJ equipment and started DJing many of the college house parties and eventually rose to become one of the most prominent DJs in the State of Ohio, eventually winning best new DJ in Ohio.

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