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The Concept .

“KLASSIC MAN – The Party Experience” – is an innovative social experiment exploring the entertainment demand of today’s women. It is designed to answer the proverbial question – “Where are the smart, interesting, well-dressed men with manners, morals and a splash of swag.” The answer? Klassic Man X marks the spot. We are calling on leaders of organizations, fraternity men, mature college students, forever young adults, starting athletes, entrepreneurs, political aficianados, bosses, fashion connoisseurs, celebrities, models, good fathers, good potential fathers, hard working professionals, inventors, music lovers, life lovers, and other like minded men that know to dab and not splash cologne to come be celebrated. Men, this is your time to be your true self and show the world that you are here and you are powerful.

Ladies, on this night, drinks are on him and the night is for you. With a fusion of Fashion, Music, Ambiance and Influencers, this experiment in evolved evening entertainment is more than a symbolic move to bring us together to turn up and have a good time. It is a movement for our times.

The Venue .

The Vibe .

Grammy Nominated Singer / Songwriter

Entrepreneur, Model, Actress
Legendary Word Class DJ